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Having a website is very important for any organization. We are here to help you in this mission with best industry technology, practices and best prices!

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Why choose Giant Data to make your website?

Best company for website design

The best web design Company! Giant Data makes modern and innovative web designs using the best technologies. We use the latest technologies to build and host your website. Save your time and effort by putting your website in the hands of specialists. We make websites for different types of organizations among private and public sector.

Giant Data Company provides custom website development, web hosting, and more. With the help of our experienced team members, you will get professional services at competitive rates. To make your online business succeed on the internet, we provide SEO-optimized website designs with fast speed and SSL protection (https) for your sensitive data.
We've been designing and hosting websites for over a decade. We know what it takes to create a website that's fast, reliable, and looks great. Your website is important to your business. We're the only company you need to take care of everything from design to hosting.
You deserve professional web design and hosting. You deserve a website that looks beautiful on all devices and on any screen size. You deserve a company that will make sure your social media accounts are integrated with your website through branded email, and a company that will make sure your website is always up-to-date with the latest software. You deserve a company that will offer you free consultations to help you create the perfect website.

Giant Data Company Web Design
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  • Responsive Design


  • Social Media

    Social Media

  • EMail e-mail

    Branded Email

  • Website Security


Branded Emails

Have a branded email address linked with your domain!

Standard Mailbox

Sign up for a standard email service and you'll no longer have to worry about managing multiple accounts. All of your messaging needs can be done from one simple interface.

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Google Workspace

We will connect your domain with Google Workspace. It is not only the Gmail but a great package of apps which includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, others!

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Microsoft Office 365

Enjoy MS outlook and other well know Microsoft Office apps such as Worlds, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Internet Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Make your online presence better with our domain registration. Whether you are looking for an international internet domain or a Saudi domain, we are here to help you.  Get the best domain name today!